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22 November 2014
On A Mission from God

Blues Brothers Experience – We’re On A Mission

Blues Brothers Experience – The Mission

It was always our dream to take the Blues Brothers Experience show into the theatres. To have the opportunity to put on our show in front of people that know and love the Blues Brothers as we do, in some amazing venues. We have been working hard to build up the name of the Blues Brothers Experience. We felt we had a good show, but having a good show and people knowing about it are definitely 2 different things. Events like Tribfest are great in this respect. Not only is Tribfest fun to play at, but there is always a huge audience and as Europe’s largest festival for tribute bands it has a good deal of publicity.

Blues Brothers Experience on stage at Tribfest 2014

We started to book smaller theatre shows ourselves, the first of which was the Brookside theatre in Romford in December 2013. It was most definitely a little nerve racking and something new to us having been a function and festival band. But we all loved it, the audience reaction was great aBBE Tribfest Goodnd we even got a wonderful review, Barry Kirks Review. That was it we were well and truly hooked. Then earlier this year we managed to secure a contract with a Theatre agent called Steve Barker (Morningside Entertainment) and we were one step closer to fulfilling our dream. Steve is very picky about who he represents, he manages a small set of hand picked shows. In our case he travelled from Peterborough to Halstead in Essex to see the show first hand, thankfully he loved the show and only then offered to represent us in the theatres. Steve NewImagehas managed to get some fantastic theatre dates for the Blues Brothers Experience show, all over the country, as far south as Portsmouth, as far north as Musselburgh in Midlothian and everything in between. Here is our current list of dates, Blues Brothers Experience Events. We have spent thousands of hours perfecting the show, now we finally have the opportunity to get it out to the public as we had envisioned it. It’s the feedback of a live audience, dancing and singing along with a smile on their faces that is what it’s all about and what we live for.

The Stunning Brunton Theatre in Musselburgh (7th March 2015)


Blood, Sweat & Some Tears

It take a lot of time and hard work to get something like the Blues Brothers Experience show on the road. All the hours of rehearsals, finding and keeping the right people, at lot of travelling and doing shows for promotion that make no financial sense. Tempers get frayed, there are setbacks and definitely plenty of lows along with the highs initially. But if something is your passion you can work your way past all of this. That’s definitely how it’s been for us, it’s the love we have for performing our Blues Brothers Show and the reaction it gets from the audience that has kept us going. Things have gradually taken shape, there have been a lot of lessons learnt the hard way, but the passion has always been there driving us on to bigger and better things. That will never stop, it’s a constant learning curve, that’s what makes it so exciting. It’s a simple idea, put on the best Blues Brothers show ever and make sure are audiences have a fantastic evening, one they will never forget and will be taking about for months to come. That’s our mission..

Spreading the word on the streets of Romford




 On The Horizon

In the run up to 2015 we have some fantastic dates lined up. This week, Thursday 27th Nov 2014, we will be traveling south to Fareham near Portsmouth to play at the fantastic Ferneham Hall. It’s our first appearance at this stunning venue, and one we are definitely looking forward to.

Ferneham Hall (Event_Details)

As with any new venue it takes a little bit of a push to get the word out, as it’s a new show for the people of Fareham. Ticket sales are going well and to give them a little helping hand we have had Jake & Elwood and one of the police cars at Ferneham Hall along with the Major. More to come on this soon.NewImage

Police Presence

Screenshot of Safari  22 11 2014 15 12 09

The Harlington Centre – Back for more this Friday 28th Nov 2014

Straight after the Ferneham hall we will be travelling a little nearer home, back by popular demand at The Harlington Centre in Fleet. The audience at the Harlington are absolutely brilliant. We had a fantastic time here last year and looks like another sell-out for our return. It’s going to be an evening or pure Blues Brothers fun and frolics, this is the sort of show that makes it all worth while and keeps us coming back for more and more…NewImage

The Future

Plenty of hard work, we never stop trying to improve the show. Lots of travelling, that’s for sure. But above all lots of fun putting on the best possible show and living for that audience reaction 🙂 NewImage

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  1. Richard Barker

    Have you ever considered adding a group of dynamic young dancer/actors to your show? It would be a feast for the eyes, and take the show to an even higher level.

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